Friends of the Westerwald - Contest-Powwows


Our goal is to keep Powwows alive in Germany. We want to give all interested people the necessary knowledge and promote the next generations. In order to reach that goal we plan workshops with different topics, which are suitable for freshmen as well as "Powwow-Old-Timers". 

We organize workshops in all categories around the Powwow and for all age groups. Please get in touch if you are interested in a workshop; no matter if in school, in pre-school or just as an interested person. These workshops are accompanied by consultants who would like to share their fundamental knowledge on different subjects.

The consultants have achieved their knowlegde partly in the USA or Canada tutored by Native Americans of different tribes and have exercised and refined it in a time frame of many years.

According to statutes the proceeds of the workshops will help keeping the Westerwald-Contest-Powwow alive.

The Powwow-Freunde e.V. offer workshops for interested people in Native American culture and tradition.  


The following workshops are available:


First af all, the different dance categories and the according outfits are explained to the participants. Different rhythms associated with various dance steps are taught.
Everybody has the chance to give it a try to feel more confident in the dance arena at the next Powwow.

Beadwork- and Shawl-Workshop

Beadwork traces back to ancient traditions and is often mandatory for the making of an outfit. At this workshop the participants are shown how to use simple weaving techniques. The free-hand and the direct beadwork are also demonstrated.

Each participant should choose their own colors and sizes of beads and bring them to the workshop. Sources of supply are available on request. 

At certain dances it is not respectable when women who do not have an outfit yet, dance without a shawl. Therefore, it is advantageous to bring one to the Powwow. There are no limits to your imagination. Merely the optimal size will be provided. Basic material and fabric remnants for applications should be brought along.



Often, someone feels the need to organize a Powwow in her/his hometown. However, there are many different things to consider as a Powwow is not a show but a Native American folk festival. There are certain rules which have to be strictly observed. In order to ensure this and arrange the Powwow authentically and with respect this workshop offers helpful hints and suggestions so the event will turn out as a success.


Workshops for Kids

We also offer workshops for children. They can learn how to craft their own Native American flute, dream catcher or medicine pouch.



A drum-workshop only for prospective drum groups is also intended.


 The entry on one of the lists is not binding to attend the workshop


If you are interested in one (or more) of the workshops, please contact us without obligation at

The workshops take place at a minimum of 9 participants.