Friends of the Westerwald - Contest-Powwows (non-profit)

The Powwow

A Powwow is a (folk) festival of the North American Indians and consists mainly of music and dance. It also serves to keep in touch, honor others, and celebrate important family anniversaries. That's why Powwows with their hundreds of years of tradition are one of the most important aspects of the Native American culture today and are celebrated as small-scale events as well as world championships.

These festivals are performed many times per year and have strict regulations. The Master of Ceremonies leads through the whole event. An Arena Director ensures proper behavior in the dancing arena. Dancers of every age (and gender) are participating. The dance stiles as well as the outfits are very diverse.

The Powwow culture has also spread across the USA and Canadian borders. The festivals have taken place all over Germany for decades now. A large Powwow-scene has developed; interested people travel long distances to sing and dance – many friendships have evolved out of it. Here in Germany, too, people spend a lot of time practicing to dance and making their outfits.

Source: powwow-kalender.de

Our association runs every year the Westerwald-Contest Powwow, which is always visited by native Americans. The course of the event, the rogram and the rules are set up after consultation our Native friends, to make sure to respect the traditions and keep the event as original as possible.


9th Westerwald-Contest Powwow

10th Westerwald-Contest Powwow

of the last powwows
  Our guests in 2008
at the November-Powwow in Kaiserslautern

Chucki Begay and Lee and Terry Jackson
from Tucson Arisona