Friends of the Westerwald - Contest-Powwows

Friends of the Westerwald-Contest-Powwow 

We have founded an association which is not only promoting the Westerwald-Contest-Powwow but also contributing to keep Powwows in Germany and Europe alive. The aim of the association is to give access to Powwows to everybody and keeps ties to the development of American Powwows to be state-of-the-art of organization, Powwow rules, regalia, etc.

We welcome everybody who would like to promote the Powwow or expresses interest in participating as dancer, singer or even organizing the "Powwow-Trail". 

The principal task of our association is the performance of the Westerwald-Contest-Powwow. The Westerwald-Contest-Powwow is annually performed in Asbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, since 2000.

The Powwow drum group "Red Road Singers" has originated this Powwow and also organized it the first two years. In the years 2002-2004 the Fischer Family has resumed the organization and since 2005 the "Powwow-Freunde e.V." has hosted this Powwow. 

As our organization is still pretty small and most of the work has to be done by few, we would hereby thank all the people for their support and preparation of the last Powwows.

Thank you!